Millington, MI
Single Story - crawl space with addition on slab
Dish Network Dual
OK, what do you do here for grounding? The utility power box is on the addition with no exposed #6 wire; the wires run in the walls. The dish would mount on the antenna tower nicely, but it's 25 feet from the utility box.
View showing tower and utility box. The addition (left side on this view) sits on a slab. The main house sits on a crawl space. The crawl space door was inside the addition where the old exterior wall is.
Customer requested that I put the new dish in place of the old DTV dish. I explained that his old dish wasn't grounded. Although the location was good for one receiver (right below it in the LR), I would have had to route all cables back to a grounding point. The second receiver was going right behind the antenna tower.
I eventually found an 8" length of exposed #6 copper wire in the crawl space running up to the power panel inside the house. So I routed the cables from the dish on the tower, to the ground wire, and back to the receivers.
Back to Installs Another happy customer! I also helped him get his pool going (he just moved in and didn't know anything about pools :-)