Wixom, MI
DirecTV Dual
This photo was taken after I'd already done some "cleaning up". The old Primestar box was hanging and laying on the ground. I drilled some holes and mounted the box onto the utility mast. The customer's illegal cable running from the neighbors was plugged into a splitter and the two ex-Primestar wires going into the house. The customer wanted to keep cable, so rather then run two new lines to the same locations, I decided to use diplexers.
Better view of the mess. Customer stated that the phone jack in the living room was dead. I discovered that one of the phone wires in this mess was not connected to the telco box. I hooked it up and now it works.
Customer had an existing DTV dish on an old Primestar pole on roof.
Primestar box after wiring in ground block, splitter and 2 diplexers.
All cleaned up!
All cleaned up!
Cleaned up hanging wires on overhang, as well.
Back to Installs When I called to activate this customer, it turned out they were already a (ex)customer with a balance due of $194.50. DTV would not activate until they paid the balance. This job was sold by Direct something Satellite Network or something like that. Dealer #1709649 The dealer obviously didn't do a good job of qualifying this customer.