Wixom, MI
DirecTV Dual
Before... what a mess! If you enlarge this photo, you might be able to see where the utility ground wire is about 8" too short to reach the ground pole! I installed the ground block per NEC and informed the customer to call their power company to come fix the ground wire.
Because the dish had to be mounted on the opposite side of the trailor from the utility ground, I had to run cables back-n-forth between sides and up-n-down the length to get to the two rooms. I used my fiberglass fishing rods to pull the cables.
Ground block, etc.
All cleaned up!
The only place to mount the dish was on the handrail of the deck. The trailer had metal siding and many years worth of coatings on the metal roof.
Another view.
Back to Installs Customer was informed they wouldn't get 4 months of free programming as the Summer deal was over with. They were not happy campers! They ended up going with the new NFL Ticket deal. This job was sold by Direct something Satellite Network or something like that. Dealer #1709649 The customer intends on calling them to get their 4-months free as advertised.