White Lake, MI
Single Story - In a forest!
DirecTV Triple
Click to enlarge This customer insisted on getting satellite... even if he had to pay me extra to install it on a ground pole and bury 60 feet of cable.
Click to enlarge From the trench to the corner of the garage, ground block to the power box cover (naturally, to ensure Murphy's Law, there would be a ground pole, cable burial, routing around a garage, drilling through brick, no-clearance suspended ceiling in basement, etc., etc.).
Click to enlarge My ground block with drip loops. Cable co's is below mine.
Click to enlarge I routed the cable (Siamese w/messenger) up the corner, around the garage, following the trim...
Click to enlarge ...around the next corner, tie-wrapped to the down-spout, around the next corner, under the gas meter and into the basement through the mortar between bricks. 111 feet to the 3/4 switch.
Click to enlarge I spray-paint my ground poles with grey primer, then touch it up, painting the PVC pipe, cable and tie-wraps so everything is grey up to the loop. All told, 5 1/2 hours!
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