Mount Morris, MI
DirecTV 4-receiver
Click to enlarge Old dish network dish with a perfect line-of-sight for DTV, right? Nope! Customer is going to build an addition on this side of the house.
Click to enlarge I ended up having to stay on the left side of the house, of course where all the trees are in the way... unless I go waaaay up to the peak!
Click to enlarge Because of the angle of the mast, I couldn't get the wires into the tube, so I had to tilt the dish back...
Click to enlarge ...and in order to connect the LNB, I had to turn the dish towards me...
Click to enlarge ... and then straighten it back up again and align it. For this special occassion I used a long cable from the ground block to my meter to align it.
Click to enlarge Some day I'll buy a better camera!
Click to enlarge Finished
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