Brant, MI
Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do
DirecTV Dual
Click to enlarge Ugh! A trashy old metal trailer in the woods!
Click to enlarge OK, no mounting on metal trailers; no mounting on metal roofs, no mounting on utility poles... this time I did use the utility pole as it was customer property and the ground is there.
Click to enlarge Line-of-sight is good here.
Click to enlarge There used to be a PrimeStar system (the pole is surrounded by trees now) so I used the box with new ground block.
Click to enlarge Jumped the wires from the pole to the trailer.
Click to enlarge One wire went one direction around to the master bedroom. I used grommets to protect the wire from the sharp edges of the metal siding.
Click to enlarge The other wire went the length of the trailor to the living room. Notice all the brush I had to work through.
Click to enlarge View from the front. I used a TON of cable clips... time to reorder!
Click to enlarge ...and into the living room.
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