Marlette, MI
Service Call
Dish blown over
Click to enlarge This system was just installed a few weeks ago. The cable runs 15' from the dish to the second story room below it. No idea who installed this as the installer did not leave any paperwork with the customer other than a copy of the Terms & Conditions, which has some other customer's information on it!
Click to enlarge What's wrong with this picture? Only 4 lag bolts used, no sealant, no lag bolts hitting a rafter and NO GROUND! Also, no clips anchoring the cable down. This installer used 4 lag bolts, about 15' of cable, 2 connectors and a grommet. He certainly didn't waste any money on materials on this job! Notice the cable isn't even run through the mast pipe.
Click to enlarge After: Notice I used 6 lag bolts, with washers and roof cement, ran the cable throught the mast pipe as well as cable clips to secure the cable.
Click to enlarge Another view.
Click to enlarge Yes sucker, I'm looking for you! Because now I want you to come back out here and GROUND the system!
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