Chesaning, MI
5 /19/04
Service Call
  This started out as a service call. I found both RCA receivers had no 13/18 volts out. Customer said it happened during a storm.
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Curious to find out why the receivers blew and nothing else in the house, I decided to check if the system was properly grounded.

Here appears to be the culprit. The original installers had attached the ground wire to an outdoor water faucet. The screw that held the ground wire in place was stripped...

Click to enlarge ...and the ground wire was just laying there.
Click to enlarge This is how they had it installed.
Click to enlarge Professional looking? Naaa. They used crimp connectors. One was turning black inside (arcing or corrosion?).
Click to enlarge Then I noticed that I was standing on the cables! They're just laying on the rocks! This area obviously gets some traffic as the water hose and faucet make evident.
Click to enlarge Moving left to right. The cables go around the front steps, over another rock garden.
Click to enlarge One goes into the living room. Notice it's just hanging there; no clips, no silicone.
Click to enlarge The second cable goes into the master bedroom. Again, just hanging and no silicone.
Click to enlarge Cables coming from dish also were not clipped. They used pitch pads and 4 fine-thread 1/4" lag bolts. No bolts into a rafter. Dish is on the SW corner of the house.
Click to enlarge While I was in the house talking to the customer about the original installation, I noticed the cable going over the door frame. I asked her why they ran it that way, she told me they wanted $50 to go through the crawl space. I found the master bedroom cable running the length of the room, under the bed and across the floor to the TV. She also said they installed the dish on the front (street side) of the house when she asked them NOT to. They told her that was the only place they could put it.
Click to enlarge I called and got the OK to reinstall the system completely. The original location of the dish is the opposite corner from where this dish is. I put the dish on the NE corner. The second window from the left is where the master bedroom is and where the TV is. Notice how close it is to where the power comes in! The dish is now at the back of the house away from the street (less visible), close to the house master ground and very close to the two TVs. Living room TV is just 15 feet from the master bedroom TV.
Click to enlarge Unlike the original installers, I went through the crawl space. This allowed me to bring the cables up through the floors behind the TVs and not wrap cables around the house and go through the walls.
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Grounded dish; cable clips, six 5/16" lag bolts (two center bolts into rafter), sealed.

I ended up using 75% less cable then the original installers. Why they didn't install this way is beyond me. The customer said the two were there only 1 hour.

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