Near Lake Orion , MI
Feb 12, '02
2-Story - finished walk-out basement
Starband w/Dish Network Dual

OK, here's a fun challange... install Starband with Dish Network in the woods, on a hill (but not at the top of it!).

This view is from the driveway, looking SE.

In order to get a shot at the Starband satellite, we'll have to mount the dish on a 12', 4" C-band pole in this clearing (see the opening in the sky between the trees?)
And here's the path for the cables going back to the house! :-D
Unfortunately, we can't get the Dish Network line of site from the Starband dish location. So we ended up mounting a Dish 500 dish uphill on the shed.
Finished! This view is from the shed looking downhill to the house, past the Starband dish. It took 3 of us, working all day long to get this installed.
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