Hall Of Shame
Some photos of how NOT to install a satellite system
Customer switching to DirecTV because their DishNetwork keeps losing local channels. Duh! More...
Click to enlarge Service call: Called out for losing picture/picture breaking up. This was just installed in Oct '03. The installer mounted the dish to the facia with 3 lag bolts, only one hitting wood! It was flopping around in the wind. As you can see, there is an antenna tower right there that they could have mounted it on. Also, it only had a signal strength of 40-50%! Also, the skew was not set so it was only picking up 1 satellite. They didn't even set up the receiver for a Phase III dish. Same company as 3 photos below (Service call (from hell)). Cook TV
Click to enlarge Service call: Called out for "Searching for signal". Original installer mounted the dish on asphalt siding and did not hit a stud. The wind pulled it out of the siding.
Click to enlarge Service call: Called out for no signal. Turned out there were 2 bad receivers. Both had no 13/18 volts out. They went bad during a storm. But there's more to the story! More Here
Click to enlarge Service call (from hell): Called out for no signal. Turned out there were 2 bad receivers, a bad triple LNB, and no line-of-sight on 2 of the satellites! More Here Cook TV
Click to enlarge Add 4th Receiver: Some hack had been there 2 weeks earlier to install a 3rd receiver and multiswitch. More Here
Click to enlarge Service call: Dish blown over. This was installed just a few weeks ago by some hack. More Here
Click to enlarge Flint, MI - Aug '03 - I got a service call on this one... was told it was a self-install. I found out it was installed by an installer that goes around the eastern USA selling and installing systems. This guy mounted the dish on TOP of the fence post (4x4), mast was on an angle, and the dish was pointed into the trees. I had to move the dish 2 fence sections back to get clearance. This guy thought he was going to get locals, too... I had to inform him that he wasn't with this dish... he needs a Phase III dish, and he'll never get past the trees for the 119 satellite!
Click to enlarge She swore an installer installed this. The dish was installed on a swing-set pole which was in the ground only about 6"! She propped it up with the broom to get a picture. I reinstalled the dish on the house roof where it should have been to begin with.
Click to enlarge If you look hard, you can see the dish in the back mounted on two 2x4's nailed together with the ends overlapping!
Click to enlarge Shabby wiring.
 I see tons of poor quality installations while driving from one job to the next... just never stop to take pictures. I'll add more as I get them. Lastest photos are at the top.
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No skew - Cook TV
No skew - Another Cook TV
And yet another Cook TV with no skew

Installers installing a Dish Network system in Mt. Morris, MI. They did a real hack job on the wiring, too. I'll try to get more photos.


I thought we weren't allowed to install on wooden posts?!
Low signal, no locals. I wonder why? Tech installed a DUO dish with a single LNB. And no skew.
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