No Line-of-Sight
Some examples of "No Line-of-Sight", I.E. trees, etc. blocking the view to the satellite
Click to enlarge Harbor Beach, MI, May '04 Service Call - Some installer installed this dish with 2 of the LNBs not getting any signal because of the pine tree. I re-installed the dish at the back of the house where there were no LOS problems. See 04/05/10
Click to enlarge Mt. Morris , MI, Apr '04 - Facing SSW - as you can see, there is a huge tree. There was no place to put the Phase III dish and get a good signal from any of the satellites.
 Click to enlarge "But my neighbor has a dish". True, the neighbor has a Dish Network dish and I'd be willing to bet when the leaves come out, he's going to lose a lot of signal.
Click to enlarge Flint, MI, Oct '03 - "I told the sales lady I was surrounded with trees".
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