Satellite Company Rating and Review System
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Did you ever want to find a place where you could find out how a satellite dealer, installation company or installer is rated by his/her peers? Well, you've reached the right place. Reviews from customers are welcome, too!

Opinions and comments are those of the writer (member) and not necessarily those of the webmaster, site managers, hosts or other members. No claims are made as to the accuracy of the information given and readers are encouraged to verify the information.

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Enter the Satellite Company Rating and Review System

The system uses 1 to 5 star ratings,
1 being the worst,
5 the best.

No stars means no one has given a Rate It! vote towards the overall rating. Only Rate It! votes count towards the company's rating on the main page. So be sure to hit the Rate It! button, not just give a review!

NOTE: Some days the list will be sorted from Best to Worse so it may be difficult to find the company you are looking for. I suggest using Edit, Find (on this page) Crtl+F.

The reviews have their own rating stars, but do not affect the Overall Rating. The idea is to give each of your reviews their own rating, I.E. today I didn't get paid - 1 star; today I got paid - 3 stars, etc.

Enter the Satellite Company Rating and Review System